Label Whore: Inspired By A True Story By Darian Demetri


Label Whore: Inspired By A True Story

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Amazon Reviews

"Crucify Me" is a great read for anyone looking for an exciting and entertaining story about what people will do for money. It is very easy to understand and really lets you see, hear, and understand what the main character, Tye, is experiencing. - Morgan

I didn't expect to be thrown such a curveball after reading the prologue. It seemed to be a straight forward story but the dark tone, flowing prose, and overall atmosphere kept me engaged throughout! - Rei Z

This story is not predictable, and not what you would expect.  "Crucify Me" is a gritty, and raw page turner.  A quick read with excellent character development.  It draws light to what people will do for money, and how they deal with real life situations and pressures.  You will be drawn in, you will wonder what's next.  A good read overall. - Lisa