About Me

Get to know Demetri


I was born to write. My writing career started as a celebrity gossip writer, when I was a teenager. It was the most fun experience of my life. After writing for several print and web publications, I founded The Superficial Teen, which became the top celebrity news website for teenagers in America. After selling The Superficial Teen to a major publishing conglomerate in California, I moved on to other things, but I never stopped writing.  

As a teenager, I loved to read – and I still do. But I struggled to find fiction novels that I enjoyed. I came to realize that many  people struggle with the same thing. After the massive success of my debut novel, Crucify Me (going on to win several ebook awards and being named one of the top Young Adult novels of the decade) I receive emails and DM’s every single week, asking when the next novel from Demetri is coming out. Soon…very soon! Demetri will be releasing a new YA novel every 6 months for the next several years. I’ve developed a huge back load of stories that need to get out. 

When I’m not writing, I’m either volunteering, spending time with my family, or having fun at a theme park. I am active on social media, so please reach out and let’s connect! 

FAQ About Demetri

Do you have any favorite sports teams?

I make time to watch professional football every week. I am a loyal Jacksonville Jaguars fan, and I plan to be an Orlando Magic season ticket holder soon.

Who is your favorite singer?

The Weeknd. 

What kind of movies do you like?

So many...comedies, action, and anything with sword fighting.

Where do you shop?

My favorite store is Armani Exchange. 

Do you like to travel?

I love to travel (especially to New York City).