Praised by Noise Magazine as “hilarious, fun, a book that gives a perfect insight into what it’s like to work at a teen clothing store.” And Entertaining You as “a must read for all young adults who have ever shopped at or worked at Hollister, Aeropostale, etc.” 

Les Fairbanks has lived a privileged teenage life, but now he’s doing the responsible thing and working as an Abercrombie model – or so he says. Once his parents discover he’s been lying, they secure a job for him at a teen clothing store in the ghetto of Miami. As a member of the exclusive Elitists club at school, Les is entitled to certain privileges – VIP parking, dating the hottest girl at school, power to roam the halls at will and pull students from class…and all this power will magnify once he becomes the club’s president. But he stands to lose everything if certain people find out his dad has been laid off from a high-paying job, and that Les works at a low budget clothing store. 


Amazon Reviews

I fell in love with Les from the very start.  It was evident that he was much deeper than an actual label whore.  Darian Demetri is so incredibly descriptive that I could see the colors and touch the fabrics in my mind.  He makes you truly care about the benevolent characters and loathe the malicious ones.  This book is a page-turner that I couldn't put down.  I was sad when it ended.  Not disappointed in the ending, that I enjoyed, I just wanted the story to go on. - Steven

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It seems like something a YA would really enjoy! (I’m 29 lol) but I still enjoyed it, Les really evolved throughout the book and it’s different from the urban fiction books (Ashley Antoinette etc.) that I normally read. Five stars! It was funny, entertaining, and I loved the ending! - Karimah

An easy read with personable characters and keen attention to detail. The author does a remarkable job channeling a high schooler’s voice/ thought processes/ issues with the weight of responsibility despite distractions at this age. Let the title grab you- NOT fool you- as you embark in the fashion-winded world of Les Fairbanks. 



Selected for Clique Magazine's List of Favorite Young Adult Novels of the Decade.

Tye Jordyn, an uninspired college student whose yearning for drugs and extravagance outweighs the love he has for his expectant baby mother, gets an internship at a famous LA public relations firm. The notorious Chase Matthews, the king of Hollywood publicity, chooses Tye as one of his two internees and instructs them to come up with a popular campaign in order to win a six figure job at the firm. Tye launches a national campaign promising to nail himself to a cross if he can raise $1 million, never thinking he will actually reach that number. But the fame, girls, and lavish lifestyle is short lived as the money comes pouring in and he has to deliver on his promise to end his life.

Amazon Reviews

"Crucify Me" is a great read for anyone looking for an exciting and entertaining story about what people will do for money. It is very easy to understand and really lets you see, hear, and understand what the main character, Tye, is experiencing. - Morgan

I didn't expect to be thrown such a curveball after reading the prologue. It seemed to be a straight forward story but the dark tone, flowing prose, and overall atmosphere kept me engaged throughout! - Rei Z

This story is not predictable, and not what you would expect.  "Crucify Me" is a gritty, and raw page turner.  A quick read with excellent character development.  It draws light to what people will do for money, and how they deal with real life situations and pressures.  You will be drawn in, you will wonder what's next.  A good read overall. - Lisa